The Pottinger Hong Kong

The Pottinger Hong Kong
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This 68-room boutique hotel is in the heart of Central. For some, the inevitable Hong Kong construction noise and crowds on the doorstep might be off-putting but it’s a lovely haven inside, and it’s been elegantly designed.

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The hotel’s official address is slightly confusing: the entrance is actually on Stanley Street, on the corner of steep Pottinger Street (one of the city’s most distinctive thoroughfares, still paved with granite slabs, and part of Hong Kong’s heritage trail). It’s about three minutes’ walk from Central MTR station, a further five minutes’ walk to the Airport Express, and it’s almost next-door to the Central Mid-Levels escalator, which connects the whole district via walkways. Taxis could be a problem at rush-hour.

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Style & character

The hotel’s name comes from the first governor of Hong Kong, Henry Pottinger, who took office (for a year) in 1843. The design, however, is a modern take on nostalgia. There are black and white photos of 1950s and 1960s Hong Kong by Fan Ho (one of the city’s most renowned photographers), delicate sage-green backdrops of flowers and birds, pale wood, clean lines and clever lighting. This is Chinoiserie-lite for a post-colonial, neon-lit, sky-scraping city. The website and the in-room television both have good visitor information on the area’s history.

Service & facilities

A little varied. When it’s good, it’s very good, but smaller hotels in Hong Kong tend to be less slick on the service front and there’s a sense that it’s still feeling its way. There’s no pool, no gym and no spa.

  • Laundry
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Wi-Fi


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Very pleasant. For such a small hotel, the rooms – and especially the bathrooms – are a decent size, although only suites have bathtubs. The lights and showers are easy to operate, there are comfortable chairs, and the overall effect is simple and thoughtful (recycling bins are provided). Every room has a Nespresso machine and a smartphone, which offers free Internet round the city and free international calls, although not yet to the UK, alas, and there’s no BBC on the television. You’ll only have city views but Fan Ho’s work will inspire you to see their beauty.

Food & drink

There’s just one in-house restaurant, Gradini – Italian for ‘steps’ – which also has a bar. Both spaces are small but, like the rest of the hotel, charmingly designed and have become popular with locals in the evenings. You’ll probably only eat breakfast here but don’t expect a big buffet: options are distinctly limited. Two other restaurants in the building, both marked in the lift, are not connected to the hotel. There are hundreds of restaurants and bars in the surrounding area.


In theory yes (they have connecting rooms), but there’s no pool and the heart of the city isn’t ideal for children.

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