Macau Fisherman’s Wharf


Fisherman’s Wharf (Doca dos Pescadores) is a large (111,500sqm) theme park, with various port ‘towns’ – among them Miami, New Orleans, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Venice, the Italian Riviera and Cape Town. The area, within walking distance of the ferry terminal, features shops, restaurants, nightlife, an amusement park and amphitheatre.

The vast assortment of shops at Fisherman’s Wharf rivals any of the world’s shopping capitals. The first large-scale addition to Macau’s shopping scene beyond the casinos, it features over 150 stores and making your way around them all can take some time. Once a peaceful fishing community Fisherman’s Wharf nowadays is anything but, and is on the list of top worldwide one-stop entertainment destinations.

Macau Fisherman Wharf

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Highlights and Features

Featuring everything from clothes to jewelry to home furnishings, some of the world’s most desirable brands can be bought here. Situated by the Hong Kong ferry terminal many Chinese and expats hop over to escape the hustle and bustle, using the Wharf as a place to do some duty-free shopping and take in some of the entertainment.

Macau Fisherman Wharf

Also featured is Vulcania, a 40-metre high replica volcano which erupts every evening and inside of which the River of Fire white-water and Dragon Quest rollercoaster rides are housed. The exterior of Vulcania includes walkways styled on the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. Also featured at this extravagant park is Aladdin’s Fort, a Middle-Eastern fort which features a variety of kid’s funfair rides, a Roman-themed shopping centre, Roman Amphitheatre a 2,000-seat Colosseum where the crowds take in the glossy shows and concerts. There is also a convention centre as well as a Vasco da Gama Waterworld – a performance venue for water-based shows including four daily jet-ski performances.

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